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Long Distance Towing

Around The Clock Tow Truck
Need to Transport a Car? We Offer Long Distance Towing!

In addition to offering standard towing services in NYC, we are also proud to offer long distance towing. This is great for those who are moving, or who just need to move a car, bike or even SUV to a different location, but don’t have the ability to drive it for one reason or another. We provide the convenience that you are looking for.

We receive calls from many customers who drive luxury vehicles and are concerned that they might be better off and safer just driving it to its destination. We understand your concerns, but want to give you peace of mind by telling you that we handle every vehicle with the utmost care and caution. We have a handy flatbed tow truck and security straps to ensure your vehicle is safe during transport.

When long distance towing is needed, remember to call Around The Clock Tow Truck for quality solutions and cheap prices. We have what you need when it comes to roadside assistance and towing.

Give us a call when you need us. We can assure you that you will be happy with our service and cheap prices.

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